Pakistan, as a developing country, is faced with a severe energy crisis in its Power Sector, for both industrial and residential users, as well as in its Petroleum Sector, where it lacks indigenous resources.  Having realized these problems and their negative impacts on the country & its Economy, our Group has committed to projects to help in catching up to requirements in both areas.

The import of petroleum products for energy generation and the shortage of adequate electric power both result in huge losses for the economy.  Pakistan is fortunate to have an ample of renewable energy sources: solar, thermal, wind, geothermal. In the midst of an alarming energy crisis and cursory over dependence on fossil fuels, our Group has taken an initiative of exploiting alternative energy resources by integrating efficient energy systems and penetrating the energy sector through solar technology.

By implementing the Siachen Energy Limited (“SEL”) PV Power Plant our Group has replaced the need for importing fuels and the subsequent foreign currency expense over our 25 year plant operating life.

Our commitment to this clean energy production eliminates environmental damages and reduces climate change which is a worldwide issue.  200 MW of our power will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 350,000 tons of CO2 per year which is the equivalent of 30,000 cars or planting 3,000,000 trees.

Our Group is also implementing an LPG Terminal and Storage Facility in Port Qasim which will increase the availability of this cheap and clean cooking gas and transport fuel for the growing population.