A new one is ENTERED DISMISSING the Petition for Writ of Continuing Mandamus and Writ of Kalikasan with Prayer for the Issuance of a Temporary Environmental Protection Order filed by respondents Greenpeace Southeast Asia , Magsasaka at Siyentipiko sa Pagpapaunladng Agrikultura, and others on the ground of mootness. In contrast to the foregoing cases, no perceivable benefit to the public – whether rational or practical – may be gained by resolving respondents’ petition for Writ of Kalikasan on the merits. As is convenient of them, the legislator friends of the network said the petition is a big blow to press freedom.

Dissatisfied, petitioners filed their respective petitions for review on certiorari before this Court. The DOH, as the principal authority on health, shall formulate guidelines in assessing the health impacts posed by modern biotechnology and its applications, x x x. Likewise, contrary to the Court’s earlier ruling,90 these cases do not fall under the “capable of repetition yet evading review” exception. II. The case is not one capable of repetition vet evading review. Jurisprudence in this jurisdiction has set no hard-and-fast rule in determining whether a case involves paramount public interest in relation to the mootness principle.

His recent schooling of news reader Karen Davila on the brouhaha surrounding the application of ABS-CBN for a renewal of its legislative franchise illustrates a point when someone tried to steer the topic into unfamiliar territory and got burned in the process. By accepting, you agree to the updated privacy policy. At 83, Anggie needs no introduction. His name is a resounding voice of service, his commitment unquestionable. He said his productivity in volunteering time and effort with UPMFI is the legacy he is most proud of.

“IBC” means the Institutional Biosafety Committee established by an applicant in preparation for the field testing of a regulated article and whose membership has been approved by BPI. The IBC shall be responsible for the initial evaluation of the risk assessment and risk management strategies of the applicant for field testing. It shall be composed of at least five members, three of whom shall be designated as “scientist-members” who shall possess scientific and technological knowledge and expertise sufficient to enable them to evaluate and monitor properly any work of the applicant relating to the field testing of a regulated article. The other members, who shall be designated as “community representatives”, shall not be affiliated with the applicant apart from being members of its IBC and shall be in a position to represent the interests of the communities where the field testing is to be conducted. For the avoidance of doubt, NCBP shall be responsible for approving the membership of the IBC for contained use of a regulated article. The risk assessment shall be carried out in a scientifically sound and transparent manner based on available scientific and technical information.

  • The precautionary principle is inapplicable since the field testing is only part of a continuing study which ensures that the field trials have no significant impact to the environment.
  • In the December 8, 2015 Decision of the Court, it was held that the present case is of exceptional character and paramount public interest is involved, and it is likewise capable of repetition yet evading review.
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The precautionary principle is inapplicable since the field testing is only part of a continuing study which ensures that the field trials have no significant impact to the environment. Therefore, there is no resulting environmental damage that will prejudice the life and health of the inhabitants. The precautionary principle states that if a technology has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, the absence of scientific consensus that the technology is not harmful shall not be used as a reason to postpone appropriate measures to prevent environmental harm. Risk assessment shall be mandatory and central in making biosafety decisions, consistent with policies and standards on risk assessment issued by the NCBP; and guided by Annex III of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. Pursuant to the NBF, the following principles shall be followed when performing a risk assessment to determine whether a regulated article poses significant risks to human health and the environment. The Supreme Court of the Philippines ruled against conducting field trials of genetically modified eggplant or BT Talong as a precautionary measure to protect human health and environment and promote people’s constitutional right to a healthful and balanced ecology.

Hence, they asked to halt all field trials and to uproot all planted BT Talong. In this regard, it cannot be said that the present case is one capable of repetition yet evading review. Institutional Biosafety Committee The company or institution applying for and granted permits under this Circular shall constitute an IBC prior to the contained use, confined test, or field trial of a regulated article.

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Hence, at the time the CA rendered its Decision dated May 17, 2013, the reliefs petitioner sought and granted by the CA were no longer capable of execution. It is a common sentiment to protect the environment from the harsh deriv broker effects of modern technology. Thus, the decision has foremost in mind the safety of the public from potential harm caused by GMOs. However, the decision has drastically changed the landscape of GMO testing in the country.

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Field testing of BT Talong commenced after obtaining the necessary permits from the government. However, environmental groups and other individuals complained about the conduct of field trials, alleging that there is no peer-reviewed study on BT Talong’s safety for human nordfx regulation consumption and environment. The environmental groups filed a petition for Writ of Kalikasan on April 26, 2012, before the Supreme Court. They also said that GMOs can be directly toxic to non-target species and can exacerbate populations of other secondary pests.


Instead of looking at the merits of the petition per see, Manila-based commentators and opinion writers agreed as much. This article provides that the ownership and management of mass media shall be limited to citizens of the Philippines, or to corporations, cooperatives or associations, wholly-owned and managed by such citizens. Rule 66 of the Rules of Civil Procedure describes a “quo warranto”as a legal procedure that is filed against someone who “usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises a public office, position or franchise.” We’ve updated our privacy full stack developer einstellen policy so that we are compliant with changing global privacy regulations and to provide you with insight into the limited ways in which we use your data. The BT Talong is a type of eggplant bio-engineered to develop resistance to lepidopteran larvae, through the incorporation of crystal toxin genes from the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis , which triggers the production of the protein Cry1Ac, and is toxic to the target pests. Thus, it is resistant to pests, which will significantly reduce pesticide use of farmers resulting in higher yield and income.

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[DENRJ. As the primary government agency responsible for the conservation, management, development and proper use of the country’s environment and natural resources, the DENR shall ensure that environmental assessments are done and impacts identified in biosafety decisions, x x x. In the December 8, 2015 Decision of the Court, it was held that the present case is of exceptional character and paramount public interest is involved, and it is likewise capable of repetition yet evading review. Hence, it was excepted from the mootness principle.66 However, upon a closer scrutiny of the parties’ arguments, the Court reconsiders its ruling and now finds merit in petitioners’ assertion that the case should have been dismissed for being moot and academic, and that the aforesaid exceptions to the said rule should not have been applied. I reserve opinion on whether the “exceptional character of the situation and the paramount public interest”4 can be a ground for ruling on a case despite it becoming moot and academic.


Hence, the scientific and intellectual property communities have expressed concerns about the serious repercussions of the decision, not only on the biotechnological research and development aspect but also on the patent landscape of biotechnology in the country as the number of patent applications may decrease following the ruling. It will therefore not be surprising if the drawbacks outweigh the benefits in the long run. This Joint Department Circular shall apply to the research, development, handling and use, transboundary movement, release into the environment, and management of genetically-modified plant and plant products derived from the use of modern biotechnology, included under “regulated articles.”

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Additionally, the Supreme Court also invalidated the Department of Agriculture’s Administrative Order No. 8, Series of 2002, which evaluates and monitors plants and plant products derived from the use of modern biotechnology, and temporarily suspended any application for GMO field trials until a new administrative order is promulgated. As the principal agency of the Philippine Government responsible for the promotion of agricultural and rural growth and development so as to ensure food security and to contribute to poverty alleviation, the DA shall take the lead in addressing biosafety issues related to the country’s agricultural productivity and food security, x x x.B. – This Order shall not apply to the contained use of a regulated article, which is within the regulatory supervision of NCBP. As the matter never went beyond the field testing phase, none of the foregoing tasks related to propagation were pursued or the requirements therefor complied with.


The membership of the IBC shall be approved by the DOST-BC for contained use or confined test, or by the DA-BC for field trial. The IBC is responsible for the conduct of the risk assessment and preparation of risk management strategies of the applicant for contained use, confined test, or field trial. It shall make sure that the environment and human health are safeguarded in the conduct of any activity involving regulated articles. The IBC shall be composed of at least five members, three of whom shall be designated as scientist-members and two members shall be community representatives, All scientist-members must possess scientific or technological knowledge and expertise sufficient to enable them to property evaluate and monitor any work involving regulated articles conducted by the applicant. The proponents all argued that the issuance of the writ is improper because all environmental laws were complied with. They argued further that allegations regarding the safety of BT Talong are irrelevant as the eggplant will not be consumed by humans or animals and the unused materials will be disposed according to biosafety permit requirements.

For security purposes, and to ensure that the public service remains available to users, this government computer system employs programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or to otherwise cause damage, including attempts to deny service to users. Evidently, the “frequent” and “routinary” nature of the Pork Barrel Funds and the PDAF are wanting herein. To reiterate, the issues in these cases involve factual considerations which are peculiar only to the controversy at hand since the petition for Writ of Kalikasan is specific to the field testing of Bt talong and does not involve other GMOs.

The Court of Appeals applied the precautionary principle as the overall safety guarantee of the BT Talong is unknown. All told, with respondents’ petition for Writ of Kalikasan already mooted by the expiration of the Biosafety Permits and the completion of the field trials subject of these cases, and with none of the exceptions to the mootness principle properly attending, the Court grants the instant motions for reconsideration and hereby dismisses the aforesaid petition. With this pronouncement, no discussion on the substantive merits of the same should be made. Here, respondents cannot claim that the duration of the subject field tests was too short to be fully litigated. It must be emphasized that the Biosafety Permits for the subject field tests were issued on March 16, 2010 and June 28, 2010, and were valid for two years.

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